Established in 1996, Warmehaus has been a beacon of innovation and quality in the heating industry. As an affiliate to Beyçelik Holding, the brand has carved out a distinguished position, especially in the production of steel panel radiators and various boilers. With over two decades of experience in air conditioning and heating solutions, Warmehaus stands as a testament to enduring excellence and global reach.

What makes WarmeHaus radiators unique?

Ranked among the top 4 companies in Turkey and the top 10 globally in the radiator industry, Warmhaus’s achievements are a testament to its commitment to quality and innovation. Their production prowess is not just a figurehead in the industry; it’s a symbol of relentless pursuit of excellence.

Warmehaus isn’t just about providing heating solutions; it’s about offering a cost-efficient warming opportunity for consumers. The brand makes a difference with its superior quality products, aiming to create some of the best radiators in it’s sector. Marching towards its vision, Warmehaus is steadily evolving into a global air-conditioning brand.

Popular WarmeHaus Heating Products:

WarmeHaus Radiator Types:

  • Vertical Radiators
  • Electric Towel Warmers
  • Flat Panel Radiators
  • Horizontal Radiators
  • Traditional Column Radiators
  • Modern Oval-Profile Radiators
  • Spa-Inspired Towel Warmers

Radiator Colours Offered:

  • Classic White
  • Modern Black
  • Sleek Chrome
  • Elegant Anthracite

WarmeHaus Reviews

Where can you buy WarmeHaus Radiators from?

WarmHaus Radiators are widely available. You can find them on their official website, through authorised online and offline retailers, at local distributors, and in select home improvement stores.

You can’t go far wrong with Amazon though – many of their radiators are ‘Prime’ stock, which means you get free next day delivery and easy returns, should you change your mind:

What’s the warranty on WarmeHaus products?

WarmHaus stands behind the quality of their products with a robust warranty program. This typically covers manufacturing defects, durability under normal usage, and the finish of the radiator. Specific terms and duration can vary, so it’s best to check the warranty details for your chosen product.

How do I choose my perfect WarmeHaus radiator?

Selecting the ideal WarmHaus radiator involves assessing the size of your room and the required heat output, aligning the radiator’s style with your interior décor, choosing a durable material and finish, considering the ease of installation and maintenance, looking for energy-efficient options, and ensuring it fits within your budget.

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