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Space saving radiators are the new hot topic in the heating and home renovations industry. Until now, people have had to resort to big, bulky, cumbersome radiators which take up vast amounts of wall space whilst protruding out into the room itself. With designs ranging from new tall thin styles, to narrow short widths and heights; there’s a small enough radiator to suit any small space or room in your home.

Our Top 7 Space Saving Radiators for Small Spaces

1. Milano Capri Small Horizontal Radiator (635mm x 413mm)

This gorgeous little radiator from the ever-popular Milano is the perfect example of how a radiator can be both functional and stylish without being overbearing.

It’s modern anthracite finish is super on-trend whilst it’s narrow width of just 413mm means it’ll fit snugly into small rooms or dinky spaces in your home. It also provides an impressive heat output for its size, with 1,593 BTUs of heat this dinky rad should heat most small sized-rooms.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this radiator is the overwhelmingly positive response from customers… it has over 70 reviews with an overall score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. So not only will it fit snugly into tight spots, it’s well-built and highly-rated, with an exceptionally affordable price (check today’s price here).

We suggest this dinky unit would look right at home in a cloakroom, bedroom, living room or even the kitchen.

Works well in:

  • Cloakroom
  • Small bedroom
  • Small utility
HeightWidthHeat OutputMaterialColour(s) Available
635mm413mm1593 BTUSteelAnthracite, White


  • Modern Anthracite finish
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 10 Year Quality Guarantee


  • Heat output might not be enough for large rooms
  • Not electric

2. WarmeHaus Traditional Cast Iron Style White Column Radiator

If you’re looking for a small radiator that is well suited for fitting under windows then the WarmeHaus cast iron style radiator is the perfect choice for you!

With it’s compact dimensions of 300mm x 425mm (h x w) this column radiator still packs a punch with 1190 BTU’s of heat output.

The era of Victorian-style radiators isn’t going away anytime soon so you can rest assured that it’ll impress for years to come! If you like the column-style then you can also check out our top selection of column radiators here.

Works well:

  • Under windows
  • Bathroom
  • Conservatory
NRG Traditional Cast Iron White Bathroom Radiator
Works perfectly under windows at only 300mm high
HeightWidthHeat OutputMaterialColour(s) Available
300mm425mm1900 BTUSteelWhite, Anthracite


  • High heat output
  • Fits perfectly under windows
  • Over 140 5-star reviews


  • Not particularly thin (Depth)

3. NRG Tall White Vertical Designer Radiator

The NRG tall white vertical radiator is proof that you don’t just need to be short to be space saving. This slender radiator makes the most of your wall space to provide an impressive heat output, without the large footprint associated with standard horizontal radiators.

At just 236mm wide, this skinny unit will fit almost anywhere in your home – provided you have the wall height to accommodate 1600mm (1.6 Meters). Most ceilings come in at 2.4 Meters though (source) so your should be fine but it’s worth checking if you’re installing the NRG into a cloakroom or conservatory, for example.

Looking for more tall upright designs like this? Check out our list of the best vertical radiators for more options.

Works well in:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen

The bars themselves are oval-shaped which makes for a stylish, modern feel that is sure to enhance any small room that it’s put in.

HeightWidthHeat OutputMaterialColour(s) Available
1600mm236mm1000-1400 BTUSteelWhite, Anthracite, Black


  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Minimal floor space used
  • Brackets & fixings included


  • Won’t fit underneath windows

4. Devola WiFi Enabled Electric Glass Panel Infrared Heater

A little different from our first 3 radiators; this little electric panel heater really packs a punch and comes fully loaded with a bunch of additional functionality.

Whilst it’s not the smallest radiator on our list, it can be either wall mounted or placed on the floor with the detachable feet so it’s fully portable. All you need to do is plug it into a socket and away you go!

The height and width come in at 470mm x 510mm respectively, so it’s still pretty small but it’s the depth that really makes this unit so compact. At just 70mm in depth, once this heater is attached to a wall it sits pretty seamlessly against the wall.

Oh yeah, did we also mention that it’s fully compatible with your smartphone, Amazon Alexa and Google Home? Pretty cool right? You can set a precise 24 hour weekly timer with a thermostatic schedule so you really can ‘set it and forget it’. You’ll never again wonder if you’ve forgotten to turn the heater off which is a nice bonus. Click to see more information here


  • Control via Smartphone/Alexa/Google
  • Free standing or wall mounted
  • No plumbing required
  • Bathroom Safe (Outside Zone 2)


  • Not as economical as a plumbed-in radiator
  • Too much functionality for basic use

5. NRG Black Modern Heated Towel Rail (Perfect For Cloakrooms)

You may not have considered a small heated towel rail when looking at space saving radiators but they can be a great option for minimizing the amount of space used in a small room. Typically, they’re used in bathrooms but they can look great a cloakroom or downstairs toilet, for example. See our full list of the best bathroom radiators for more varied options.

With the NRG black heated towel rail you’ll need a space that’ll be able to accommodate a height of 800mm and a width of 600mm but you’ll also have access to three handy places on the unit to warm up your towels – ready to keep you toasty warm after a shower.

This particular model also comes with FREE chrome angled radiator valves as seen in the image.


  • 15 Year Warranty
  • 8 Bars to warm towels
  • No floor space required
  • Free chrome valves included


  • Best suited for bathrooms or cloakrooms
  • Might not heat large rooms sufficiently

6. Greened House Electric Chrome Towel Rail with Thermostat (800mm x 300mm)

You can’t go far wrong with this classic small chrome towel rail. It’s sleek design is well suited for all types of property while the electric functionality means it’s quick and easy to install for your electrician.

The included thermostat allows you to set timers, schedules and precise temperatures all from the touch of a button. This really is one of the most affordable thermostatic towel warmers we’ve seen and the customer reviews are very positive.

The 300mm width of this towel rail is incredibly thin – making it the perfect option for any bathroom, ensuite or downstairs toilet whilst the multiple bars allow for easy hanging and drying of your towels.


  • Everything you need included
  • Super compact 300mm width
  • Stylish chrome finish
  • Thermostatic control


  • LCD screen is fairly dim to read
  • Not as efficient as a non-electric radiator

7. Milano Alpha Chrome Vertical Flat Panel Designer Radiator (1600mm x 225mm)

Milano are one of the leading brands of stylish, affordable radiators in the UK and this slender vertical radiator is one of their finest space savers.

We absolutely love the reflective chrome finish on the flat bars which create a truly classic sense of class that you just don’t get with a bog-standard white convection radiator. If chrome isn’t your thing though – they do offer the same radiator in black, anthracite or white to suit the colour theme of your room.

With 1120 BTU’s of heat output, this slim radiator packs a punch so you can rest assured that you’ll be cosy warm all year long. Plus – there’s an incredibly long 20 year guarantee so you know these products are built to last.


  • 20 Year Guarantee
  • Reflective chrome finish
  • High heat outputE
  • Easy to install


  • Requires sufficient wall space (height)

Types of space saving radiators

There are several types of small radiators that can help you to save space in your home. These include:

  1. Narrow vertical radiators – These are often very tall, with heights up to 1800mm and widths as little as 225mm which allows them to fit snugly in most rooms.
  2. Short horizontal radiators – These are the perfect choice for fitting underneath low windows or within conservatories.
  3. Small towel warmers – The obvious choice for small bathrooms, cloakrooms or downstairs toilets where space is in short supply but you also need to keep towels (or coats) dry.
  4. Electric Plinth heaters – These are a fantastic solution for kitchens that lack wall space due to kitchen cabinets and appliances taking up space. These plinth heaters fit snugly underneath your units and blow out soothing warm air on your feet which rises up into the room.
  5. Portable electric heaters – Ideal if you have several small spaces that need heating at different times of the day. Simply unplug the heater, take it into another room, plug it in and away you go!

How small is too small?

Obviously, you’re going to need a small enough radiator that will fit comfortably into the limited space that you have. Although, you might also like to consider that the smaller the radiator is, the less heat output it’s going to generate. You can use our free BTU calculator to work out exactly how much heat your room will require. This will ensure that the room is kept toasty warm all year round.

What are the best space saving radiators for different rooms?

If you want to make sure that you choose the right size radiator for each room then here are some tips:

Kitchens – A narrow vertical radiator is ideal for keeping your kitchen warm throughout the winter months. It should sit near a window or ideally be placed close to the door to maximise its effectiveness.

Bathrooms – The bathroom is usually the smallest room in any house and therefore needs a radiator that’s as compact as possible. A short horizontal radiator is perfect for this purpose, especially when fitted under a window.

Downstairs toilet – A dinky electric towel warmer works well in this situation because it fits neatly beside the toilet where you can conveniently hang and dry hand towels.

Bedroom – A narrow vertical radiator is great for bedrooms because it doesn’t take up much floor space. However, it’s important to remember that the height of the radiator affects the amount of heat that it generates. Therefore, if you want maximum warmth, you may need to invest in something taller.

Cloakrooms – A small wall-mounted towel warmer works great in a cloakroom because you can hang up your wet coats and dry them on the radiator itself or the radiant heat can keep moisture at bay for the entire cloakroom.

Living Room – A short horizontal radiator is a good option for living rooms because it won’t take up much space. However, it does mean that you’ll need to keep an eye on the temperature so that it doesn’t get too hot.

Conservatory – A short horizontal radiator is a must-have for your conservatory as it can fit neatly underneath the large windows; helping to reduce the amount of cold air that drops down from the window ledge onto the floor.

Check out this useful table we’ve created to illustrate our recommended radiators for each room:

RoomBest Small Radiator
Living RoomShort horizontal radiator or Thin vertical radiator
KitchenPlinth heater or Thin vertical radiator
BedroomModern Horizontal radiator
HallwayFlat Horizontal radiator
BathroomSmall Towel warmer
CloakroomSmall Towel Warmer or Electric Heater
ConservatoriesShort horizontal radiators
Under windowsShort horizontal radiators

Does a small room even need a radiator?

This will depend on several factors, such as the heat loss properties of your home, the location of the room and the surrounding insulative features. If you take a look at our room BTU calculator you’ll be able to find out exactly how much heat your room requires in order to be heated sufficiently all year through.

You should also consider things like:

  • How often you’ll be in the room
  • Is it just used for storage
  • The cost associated with heating the room

Our website has lots more information about choosing the correct radiator for your particular circumstances. We hope that this article helps you to understand the heating options available for small rooms and awkward spaces in your home. 

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