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Anthracite radiators have quickly become one of the most desirable finishes available for a modern designer radiator as they sweep their way through UK homes. The combination of understated dark panels with distinctive chrome valves makes for a stunning radiator that can easily become the centrepiece of your room whilst also feeling minimalistic and stylish.

Our Top 7 Anthracite Radiators for Your Home

1 – NRG Column Double Panel Anthracite Vertical Radiator

What’s not to love about this absolutely stunning tall and slender vertical anthracite radiator? As you can see, this modern piece fits seamlessly into any contemporary space with a subtle yet eye-catching design which is sure to wow your friends and family.

Navigate through the image gallery and check out the close-up pictures of this radiator – the anthracite finish comes with a textured matt finish which is unique compared to glossy black finishes you might see on other similar radiators.

This model comes in at 1800mm high and 472mm wide so it’s sure to provide you with enough heat to stay toasty warm – even in larger rooms. (Top tip – check our BTU calculator to get an accurate calculation on the amount of heat your room needs!)

In fact, this double version (with 16 vertical bars) provides an astounding 9184 BTU’s of heat so you’ll be toasty warm all year round.

With over 380 Five star reviews, and a 15 year guarantee you can be sure that that this radiator is not just stylish, but it’s built to stand the test of time. It’s also pretty affordable too! Check out today’s price here for more details.

Works well in:

  • Living room
  • Hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Our Choice
HeightWidthHeat OutputMaterialColour(s) Available
1800mm472mm9184 BTUSteelAnthracite, White


  • Modern Anthracite finish
  • Corrosion resistant
  • 15 Year Quality Guarantee


  • High heat output may overpower small rooms
  • Quite large, might not fit in small rooms

2 – NRG Anthracite Flat Panel Towel Radiator (Best for Bathrooms)

Our second favourite radiator is this contemporary and sleek flat panel towel radiator from NRG; The perfect choice if you’re looking for an anthracite radiator for your bathroom or downstairs toilet as it comes with handy bars to hang and dry your towels. If you’re open to other colour variations then you might want to check out our top bathroom radiators here.

We love the flat horizontal bars which create an angular, sleek feel whilst the vertical bars soften the silhouette with their cylindrical design.

Check out it’s dinky dimensions; with a height of just 800mm and a width of 450mm this towel warmer is the perfect space saving radiator.

Works well in:

  • Cloakroom
  • Bathroom
  • Utility
nrg anthracite towel radiator lifestyle
Works perfectly in bathrooms or downstairs toilets


  • High heat output
  • Fits perfectly under windows
  • Over 140 5-star reviews


  • Not particularly thin (Depth)

3 – NRG Traditional Cast Iron Horizontal Anthracite Radiator

If you’re looking for an anthracite radiator that combines both traditional and modern elements into one, then you can’t go far wrong with the NRG traditional cast iron-style radiator. Typically, cast-iron radiators are pretty costly but in the case of this radiator, it’s crafted from steel and moulded into the same style as a cast iron radiator – meaning you get the style benefits of a column radiator, without the high price tag associated with cast-iron.

Purchase matching anthracite valves for a super modern-feel or you can opt for shiny chrome valves which really helps the radiator to ‘pop’ off the wall and make more of a statement.

The particular dimensions of the unit in the image are 600 x 830mm (h x w) although they have lots of width and depth variations to suit you and your home so why not check out the various sizes available.

Works well in:

  • Bathroom
  • Living Room
  • Hallway
nrg collosseium anthracite column horizontal radiator lifestyle


  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Traditional cast-iron style at affordable price
  • Brackets & fixings included


  • Fairly heavy and cumbersome to install
  • Some customers describe colour as ‘grey’

4 – DuraTherm Oval Column Horizontal Anthracite Radiator

A great alternative to the NRG traditional horizontal radiator (above), the DuraTherm oval anthracite radiator brings the traditional column design into the 21st century. With a double layer of vertical, oval tubes this design might even be considered a little retro – something which is becoming more and more popular in recent years.

There are 8 horizontal size variations to choose from, there are widths from just 420mm wide all the way up to 1200mm wide! So there’s plenty of choice, no matter what sized room your looking to heat – this radiator should do the trick.

We think this radiator would look perfectly well suited in a hallway or kitchen, but it could also work just as well within a bathroom, bedroom or living room. You could even opt for one of their various vertical options if you’re a little pushed for wall space.

anthacite radiator header edited 1


  • Free standing or wall mounted
  • Massive range of height and width variations
  • Combination of modern, retro and traditional style
  • Premium mild steel


  • Too much functionality for basic use
  • Valves not included

5 – Elegant Anthracite Triple Traditional Radiator

This gorgeous radiator from Elegant Radiators is sleek and tall – ready to wow your guests with its fantastic anthracite finish and column pipes.

One of the best features about this radiator is it’s impressive heat output; with between 6000 – 6500 BTU’s of heat for the 1800mm x 470mm variation (triple column). This means that it would be perfectly well suited for a large dining room, kitchen or living room.

We can’t quite put our finger on it but there’s something rather special about this radiator – maybe it’s just the imagery but it looks incredibly regal and classic. It’s as if it were designed for a stately home – with clean straight lines, traditional columns all brought together with a fantastic modern anthracite finish.

Take our word for it – this is a radiator you don’t want to miss out on. The customer reviews speak for themselves so you can be sure that the quality, finish and heat output are sure to beat your expectations.

elegant traditional anthracite vertical victorian column radiator triple


  • Timeless, classic design
  • Premium 1.5mm high quality steel
  • Excellent heat output


  • Too large for smaller room-types
  • Bulky to install

6 – ELEGANT Designer Vertical Anthracite Flat Panel Radiator

The most highly rated radiator on our list – this elegant flat panel anthracite radiator has well over 500 reviews and is rated at 4.7/5 (at the time of writing this review). So you know that you’re in good company here – this is a radiator that has been purchased time and time again by customers across the UK, and over the years it’s gained some fantastic reviews.

At 1800mm high and 300mm wide, this is a tall slim radiator that offers a flat-panel surface to really display it’s ultra-modern anthracite finish.

Don’t let its slender design fool you though – this radiator still packs a punch with an impressive heat output that radiates cosy warmth throughout your home, without feeling too hot to touch.

elegant 1800 x 300 anthracite vertical flat panel radiator


  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Super compact 300mm width
  • Fantastic heat output without being hot to touch


  • Better suited for narrow spaces

7 – NRG Flat Panel Anthracite Horizontal Radiator

Now we come to the last anthracite radiator on our list – but don’t let that stop you from checking out this great horizontal anthracite radiator from NRG. With over 70 reviews and a rating of 4.6/5 (at the time of writing this post) there’s a lot to get excited about with this product.

For a start, it comes with all of the fixings and fittings that you’ll need to wall-mount the radiator onto the wall. While the industry-leading 15 year product guarantee from NRG means that this unit will be heating your home and keeping you cosy warm for many years to come!

If you’re more into the vertical style though, they do also offer this radiator in a vertical variation which might be better suited for a kitchen or living room.

nrg horizontal flat panel anthracite heater


  • Industry-leading 15 Year Guarantee
  • Brackets and fixings included
  • Modern flat-panel columns
  • Easy to install


  • Sits slightly away from the wall (not flush)

What does the colour ‘Anthracite’ actually mean on a radiator?

The colour ‘anthracite’ on radiators is most commonly associated with a grey anthracite which is somewhere between grey and black. The technical colour definition for the colour is RAL7016 so if you wanted to try and colour match your radiator with other anthracite units and fixtures throughout your bathroom or kitchen you can use this figure.

How to make sure you’re getting the right shade of anthracite

Be careful to make sure the images of the radiator match the actual colour of the unit itself. Some customers explain that the unit that arrived looks different to the one in the images online. The best way to be sure is to check out customer reviews to see the images of the radiator in person.

Your best bet is to check the manufacturer’s description on the product page for a RAL colour. Once you know this number you can use it to search for the colour on Google or to see if it will match your accompanying anthracite kitchen or bathroom fittings.

Do anthracite radiators rust?

Anthracite itself does not cause the radiator to rust. In fact, it’s the material of the radiator that will lead to issues with rusting. If the anthracite radiator has a process such as Oxsilan passive rust protection then you can rest assured that it will last for many years without rusting. To be sure, check the manufacturer warranty – many of our best anthracite radiators come with an impressive 10 or 15 year warranty!

What are the different types of anthracite radiators?

Check out the various types of anthracite radiators:

  • Anthracite panel radiators
  • Anthracite towel radiators
  • Anthracite aluminium radiators
  • Anthracite column radiators
  • Anthracite vertical radiators
  • Anthracite horizontal radiators

Different types are useful for different rooms, fuel setups and styles.

Are Anthracite radiators any good?

The great thing about anthracite radiators is that they allow you to combine the classic style of a traditional column radiator with the modern design of an anthracite grey finish. This means that you’ll be able to create a sophisticated, elegant feel for any room you install them into.

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  1. Hi

    I have an anthracite radiator which is now 8 years old. For the past 2 years it has been showing signs of rust in 3 of the bars. Unfortunately, Bathstore, the shop I bought it from changed ownership in 2019 and that apparently invalidates the 10 year guarantee. Can you give me any advice please on how and if I can repair it? The rust has appeared in only these three bars the rest of the radiator is perfect. Is it repairable or is it a new radiator? Hope you can advise. Thank you.


    1. Hi Susan,

      Apologies in the slow reply and thank you for getting in touch about the rust on your anthracite radiator. Since your radiator is already 8 years old, it may be worth considering upgrading to a newer model that better suits your needs.

      However, if you would like to attempt a repair, sanding down the affected areas and using anthracite radiator paint (spray paint) can be a good solution. Please keep in mind that to ensure the colour matches, you may need to paint the entire radiator rather than just the rusted areas. See our guide on removing radiator rust for more information on this.

      I would suggest seeking out a qualified professional to take a look, as they can evaluate the damage and recommend the best course of action.

      Also, if the warranty from Bathstore is no longer valid, you may want to reach out to the manufacturer directly to see if they can offer any assistance or guidance.

      I hope this information helps, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Best regards,

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