Hello, I am James Scott – lead technician and heating specialist here at Heat Adviser and welcome to my website, where I share my passion for heating with you. As a heating engineer with years of experience, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and I am eager to share it with you.

I remember when I first became interested in heating, it was watching experienced engineers work and I was fascinated by how they made people’s homes warm and comfortable. That passion led me to pursue a career in heating engineering, achieving my Level 3 Diploma in Gas Engineering in 1990 and I have never looked back.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE) I believe that learning about heating is essential for anyone looking to improve their home, and that’s what I aim to help you do through this website.

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I have included in my website plenty of tips and ideas that I have gathered throughout my career, that will help you improve the way you use your heating systems and the comfort and warmth you can achieve from it. I take my work seriously and I want to make sure that I am providing you with accurate and honest information.

I am an Amazon affiliate, so when you use my links to purchase products it does help me to keep this website running. However, I only ever endorse products that I know to be reliable and hard-wearing from almost two decades of working with, installing and testing hundreds of heating products across plumbing, radiators, towel warmers, boilers plus more.

I hope you find my website helpful and informative, and I am always open to feedback. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!