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Radiator booster fans are a fantastic way to improve the efficiency of your old central heating radiators, and at a fraction of the cost of upgrading your radiators to more energy-efficient ones. As the name suggests, radiators work by radiating heat into a room, but only 20% of that heat stays there. The remaining heat circulates around the ceiling or is lost through the walls and windows. Therefore, it makes sense to use any energy-saving technology you can afford that will retain the heat for longer and save your hard-earned money.

Placing a radiator booster fan on to your central heating radiator will help save you money and energy by redirecting hot air into the room to enhance and improve your radiator’s overall efficiency.

With so many designs to choose from and brands to investigate, we’ve carefully gone through dozens of the best radiator boosters we could find on the internet and organized them into the ultimate list that are affordable, economical, efficient and reliable.

So go ahead, grab a cup of tea and take a few minutes to discover our top pics – At Heat Adviser, we find the best central heating radiators on the market and conveniently provide pros and cons for each product so that you can make an informed decision on your purchase.

The Top Radiator Booster Fans of 2022

1. Smart Air Boost Radiator fan

When it comes to practical solutions for efficiently warming your home, the SmartAir Boost Radiator Fan is the best radiator fan you can buy. Its ability to redirect warmth where it’s needed most makes it an asset for those looking to optimise their heating without escalating costs.

The fan offers a corded or cordless experience, featuring a built-in power bank that delivers up to thirteen hours of continuous use. This flexibility means it can adapt to different settings and requirements throughout your home.

With two mode settings, manual or automatic, it caters to personal preferences, activating automatically when the radiator’s surface hits 33°C – a smart touch that helps manage energy consumption.

Its design is compact and unobtrusive, operating quietly in the background. This discreet presence makes it an easy fit in any room without the distraction of noise.

Unlike its competitors, the SmartAir Boost distinguishes itself with its dual power mode, allowing for both corded and impressive cordless operation up to thirteen hours. For those seeking a blend of functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency in a radiator fan, the SmartAir Boost emerges as the undisputed leader.

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Or check out our full SmartAir Boost radiator fan review

We love the:

  • 12-month guarantee
  • Sleek design
  • Low energy usage


  • 2 Mode settings
  • Has a choice of high or low-speed settings
  • Versatile design


  • No temperature control
  • Cordless mode is handy, but lasts 13hrs max

2. Speed Comfort Radiator Ventilator

You can heat your room in half the time with this Dutch-designed booster fan by Speed comfort. It is very energy efficient and will allow you to turn down your central heating thermostat by 1 to 2 degrees, saving you 22% on your winter gas consumption. 

It uses just 0.55 kWh in a year at current electric prices, which would be around 19p for a whole year,

As soon as your central heating radiator hits 35 degrees, the Speed comfort radiator fan will kick in and blow the heat across the room. It will automatically shut off when the radiator cools to 25 degrees.

Amazon reviewers are raving about this radiator booster fan and score it 4 stars from 40 reviews.

The Speed comfort radiator booster is designed to sit beneath the radiator. For large rooms, you may need to purchase more than one unit. Click here to see the full details >

We love the:

  • It has an automatic thermostat
  • Very cheap to run
  • It stops you from getting cold feet


  • Nice and quiet to run
  • Turns on automatically via the thermostat
  • Energy efficient and low cost to run


  • Doesn’t fit vertical radiators
  • Needs an electrical socket nearby

3. Radfan Classic Medium Low Power Radiator Fan

The simple, ingenious, and effective Radfan made it to third place on our list of best radiator booster fans, as it is a very energy-efficient way to distribute heat around a room. The manufacturer claims it costs just £4 a year, but with the current cost of living crisis and gas prices through the roof, it will be more like £8. It is available in multiple sizes and has an option for a single radiator panel fixing kit, so it should fit all central heating radiators with top heat vents. 

It is easy to fit it yourself, needs no additional plumbing or wiring – just plug it in, and it’s ready to go!

It has an ingenious built-in energy-saving automatic thermostat that kicks in to turn the fan on when the radiator gets hot and then turns it off when the radiator becomes cold. You can literally plug it in and forget about it.  

It’s an excellent choice for radiators positioned beneath windows, as it will redirect hot air into the room, which otherwise would be lost behind the curtains. You’ve seen those heaters above shop doors right? This works in a similar way – creating a ‘blanket’ of hot air that prevents cooler air making its way into the room from the window.

Anyway, if all of these features don’t sway you, then it’s also worth noting the impressive reviews – it scored an impressive 4.2/5 from nearly 600 ratings. So you can rest easy knowing that this product is tried, tested and loved by customers up and down the UK… Check it out here >

We love the:

  • Perfect solution for radiators under windows
  • Reduces cold spots in a room
  • Easy to install yourself


  • It will save you money on your heating bills.
  • Low running cost.
  • Has a thermostat, so it switches on and off automatically.


  • Not the most stylish heating appliance
  • The fan makes a slight humming noise whilst on

4. My Homeware Radiator Air Flow Adapter

Technically, this isn’t a radiator fan, but it does help to save you money on your heating bills by redirecting heat into the room rather than up to the ceiling. It is ideal for radiators below a window cill as it will stop the heat from going behind the curtains. For well under twenty quid, you can’t go wrong with this as an energy-saving device that will save you money. 

The radiator airflow adapter is suitable for any radiator with a top grill. It sits stylishly above the radiator and redirects the airflow, as the name suggests. A simple design that directs hot air to where it needs to be. There’s no fan, no electrics, or anything else involved with this product – so there’s no running cost involved or humming sound from the fan. 

Amazon reviewers rated it 4 stars from 261 reviews – see the full specs here >


  • No running costs at all.
  • Keeps curtains clean.
  • deal for stopping heat escaping behind curtains.


  • Can be fiddly to fit.
  • Not suitable for radiators with curved or horizontal grills.


  • How do Radiator Booster Fans Work?

    Radiator boosters fans work by increasing the efficiency of your radiator by redirecting the warm air into the room. This allows the room to heat up faster, and the central heating boiler turns off sooner. Most radiator booster fans are thermostatically controlled so the fan starts automatically when the radiator is hot.

  • Are Rad Fans Any Good?

    Rad fans are a great way to improve your radiator’s overall efficiency by improving the air flow of warm air throughout your room. This means your central heating system will turn off sooner, resulting in lower heating costs.

  • Are Radiator Fans Worth It?

    Central heating radiator fans are worth buying as they will help to increase your central heating radiators’ efficiency and save you money in the long run. This makes them economical and environmentally friendly as you will use less energy to heat your home.

Looking To Boost Radiator Efficiency Even Further…?

Another fantastic way to increase your radiator’s efficiency is to use radiator foil – a simple, effective and cheap way to reduce your energy bills:

man fitting radiator reflector foil panel 1

Radiator reflector foil essentially reflects heat back into the room instead of being absorbed into the wall – so using a booster fan in combination with a radiator reflector could seriously improve the efficiency of your central heating!

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