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The living room is often where friends and family catch up over coffee, curl up on the couch after a hard day at work, or simply relax together in front of the TV. And when winter arrives, you’ll want to make sure that your central heating system can keep your living room warm and cosy. 

With so many designs to choose from, and so many brands to investigate, we’ve carefully gone through dozens of the best living room radiators that we could find on the internet and organized them into the ultimate list of tall radiators that are affordable, stylish and of the on-trend.

So sit back and relax – we’ve done all the research to find out which radiators are truly worth their investment – they’re energy-efficient, stylish additions to your lounge that won’t break the bank.

The Top Living Room Radiators of 2023

1. NRG 600x1156mm Horizontal Flat Panel Radiator

Are you looking for a stylish, contemporary radiator to fit any kind of interior design? Look no further than the NRG 600x1156mm Horizontal Flat Panel Radiator

Its modern manufactured finish and elegant design can complement any style. This NRG radiator will blend seamlessly into your living room, allowing your sofa or artwork to take the focus.

It is suitable for all UK heating systems, such as tank-fed or combi systems – and has been tested under high hydraulic pressure to ensure impermeability.

This flat panel radiator has a triple-layered finish to exceed 200 hours of neutral acid salt spray testing. And don’t worry, customers say it’s “simple to fit” with the inlet on the left side and the outlet on the right. 

The NRG Central Heating Radiator is of the highest quality and will provide you with reliable heat for years to come. It even has a 15-year guarantee!

We love the:

  • Tripped layered finish
  • Modern, sleek design
  • 15-year guarantee!


  • Customers say it’s “simple to fit”
  • Superior heating efficiency
  • Works with all UK systems


  • Limited colours
  • Some customers say instructions are difficult to follow
  • Expensive compared to some alternatives

2. ELEGANT 1600 x 452 Vertical Column Radiator

The ELEGANT 1600 x 452 Vertical Column Radiator is the ideal choice to bring warmth and style into any living space. It has a BTU rating of 5500-6000, which means it can take even the coldest rooms and turn them into a cosy oasis in no time at all.

The high-grade low-carbon steel construction is designed to last and conforms to BS EN442 standards for quality assurance. It is suitable for all UK central heating systems and will be a great addition to any home. 

The ELEGANT Column Radiator is made from low-carbon steel to deliver maximum durability. It’s certainly an investment worth making. 

With this radiator in your home, you can rest assured that you have the perfect way to keep your family warm and cosy during those cold winter months.

We love the:

  • Size and colour options
  • A brand trusted by over 104,009 customers
  • Powerful heating


  • High quality powder-coated finish
  • Premium mild steel
  • Advanced welding technology


  • Need to buy the valves separately
  • Some customers say it arrived scratched!

3. Hudson Reed Tall Thin Vertical Radiator

The Hudson Reed HRE007 1800 x 236 mm High Gloss Revive Radiator is a compact double-panel radiator and an ideal addition to any home. It is available in striking anthracite or a cool gloss white finish for a contemporary edge.

Manufactured from high-quality steel, the radiator is highly durable and will last for years to come. It’s also easy to install with the fixing screws included and valves sold separately.  

With its impressive dimensions of H: 1800mm, W: 237mm, and D: 85mm, this radiator will fit into almost any space. And for added peace of mind, it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

We love the:

  • Premium compact radiator
  • 5 years manufacturers guarantee
  • Multiple colours


  • Easy installation
  • No assembly required!
  • Customers say it delivers excellent heat output


  • Valves sold separately
  • Heavier than other radiators

4. The Bath People 24535 Ingarsby

With its vertical curved design, The Bath People’s Ingarsby Radiator offers a contemporary look that will make any space feel more luxurious. 

It has an impressive BTU rating of 4958, making it powerful enough to keep your room warm and comfortable, no matter the weather. 

Plus, its slimline design can easily be fitted into any space without taking up too much room. It also comes with all the necessary fittings and brackets included to make the installation process as easy as possible. 

The Bath People’s Indgarsby Radiator is a must-have for those adopting the minimalist interior style.


  • Fittings and brackets included!
  • Multiple colours and size options
  • Smart contemporary design


  • Some customers say it leaked
  • Valves must be purchased separately

5. Gala Vertical Radiator Double Column Oval Panel Design

Bring a modern twist to your living space with the Gala Vertical Radiator’s Double Column Oval Panel Design. This designer radiator in anthracite is perfect for any room of your home, from the hallway and bathroom to the living room. 

The tall design, paired with an impressive heat output of 4982 BTU, heats up your space quickly and efficiently. Brackets and fixings are included in the packaging, so you can install the radiator easily without any problems. 

The mirrored panel down the centre of the radiator makes this design stand out from other radiators on the market. Ideal for glamorous interiors with plenty of silver and mirrored finishings.


  • 10-year guarantee
  • Mirror feature and three colourways!
  • Excellent heat distribution


  • Heavier than alternative models

6. Pinta Horizontal Radiator

Introducing the Pinta Horizontal Radiator with its modern double-column flat panel design. This radiator will add a touch of designer flair to your living room and can be easily installed thanks to the supplied horizontal brackets and fixings. 

The Pinta offers unbeatable heating performance with an impressive BTU of 5819, based on the Delta Rating of T60. The radiator is made from high-quality mild steel and comes with a 10-year guarantee for your peace of mind, so you can enjoy many years of warmth at home!

This versatile radiator can be fitted horizontally or vertically with various colour and size options to choose from. Choose the ideal radiator for your living room without needing to compromise on anything.


  • High heat output
  • Different size and colour options to choose from
  • Can be fitted vertically or horizontally!


  • Customers say it’s difficult to get it working properly when horizontal
  • Some customers complain of blockages and airlocks

7. iBathUK White Column Designer Radiator

The iBathuk White Column Oval Panel Radiator is a great choice for those looking for a radiator with a contemporary design and high-quality finish. Boasting an impressive 5-year guarantee, this radiator is made from low-carbon steel with a white powder finish. You can enjoy the luxury of efficient heating with a stylish and modern aesthetic. 

Plus, the radiator is compatible with all heating systems. Whether you are simply looking to update an existing space or create something special in a new home, this radiator is sure to add sophistication and practicality.


  • Made from low carbon steel
  • Compatible with all heating systems
  • 5 year guarantee


  • Customers say brackets are visible with the single panel model
  • Paint is prone to chipping

Living Room Radiator FAQs

Will a Bigger Radiator Make a Room Warmer?

The simple answer is yes! The larger the radiator, the more heat it can produce. Generally speaking, the bigger the radiator, the more BTUs (British Thermal Units) of heat it can create in an hour. Use a BTU calculator to work out how big your radiator needs to be.

If you have a large enough space in your living room for a big radiator, you’ll be able to get maximum warmth from it. However, if your space is limited or you simply don’t want a huge radiator, you may want to opt for something smaller.

Which Is More Efficient – Horizontal or Vertical Radiators?

When it comes to efficiency, both horizontal and vertical radiators have their advantages and disadvantages. Horizontal radiators are usually more effective at heating larger areas of your home than vertical models because they allow air to circulate better throughout the area they’re heating. 

On the other hand, vertical models tend to be better at heating smaller spaces because they take up less floor space and therefore allow air to move around more freely in those areas. Ultimately, which model is best suited for your home depends on what kind of space you have available and what kind of heat output you need from your radiator.

How Many Radiators Should You Put in Your Living Room?

This really depends on what size your living room is and how much heat output you require from each radiator in order to keep it comfortably warm throughout the winter months. Generally speaking, one to two radiators should provide sufficient heating for most average-sized living rooms. However, this number can vary depending on factors such as ceiling height and insulation levels within your house so a btu calculator can help you to work out how many radiators you need.

It’s always best practice to consult with an expert before installing any new radiators. They can ensure you have sufficient coverage for your entire living room area and advise on which type of radiator will best suit your needs.

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